Hey! I've created a status page that'll be keeping track of the soon-to-be-released client dashboard, hosting services, API, and more. Check it out here!

I'm Roman Sorin,

a software developer.

I design and build mobile and web applications for startups, businesses, and entrepreneurs. As a passionate and detail-oriented remote developer, I strive to continuously improve my qualifications and increase outreach through UI & UX research, data analysis, and full-stack development.


  • Design
  • Mockups
  • User Experience
  • Interface Design
  • Development
  • Prototypes
  • Websites
  • Mobile/Web Applications


Filler text, don't worry.

Give me some time to think of good things to say, so I'm just going to put some basic filler text in here. Cool, right?

Portfolio in progress.

There's a good amount of features and content I want to add to my portfolio but need some time to develop. Want it to be good, ya know?


I like simplicity and minimalism. That's all I have to say about that.

Okay. More filler text.

Still need a bit of time to write up some expressive values, so don't mind this section.

No, seriously. Hold on.

I don't want to release my portfolio without content and looking great, but I also don't want to show a 503 error to every single person who is remotely interested in my work.

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